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Did the viva, did the corrections, bound the thesis - I'm done with this adventure and getting ready for the next one! Soon I'll be posting the final version of the ontology and knowledge base - also, an RDF version of them formatted according to the Linked Data standards!


Added a 'tour' section with a lot of nice screenshots. Basically, since I'm not at KMi anymore and PhiloSURFical's server is there, I have less control on its being up or down.. so if you want to know more about PhiloSURFical and the system won't start, the 'tour' section should give you a good introduction to the main functionalities of the software! Btw I'm getting ready for the PhD viva :-)


Upgraded the tool: now it works at the resolution of 1024x830. Hopefully that's what needed for visualizing it on the majority of screens.. Moreover I fixed some other bugs and imprecisions in the texts. Still few things to do, but it's getting there.. you can find out more about it here


Just uploaded a new version of the tool: now you can browse the text in three different versions, two english translations and the german original version. JQuery helped a lot in creating the interface :-). Only worry now is the java applet - it's crashing continuously without a reason.. soon I'll look for something to substitute it with!


Here's some great Christmas news: the PhiloSURFical application is online! There're still various things to fix, knowledge base to enlarge, sparql interface doesnt work properly... but the bulk of it it's there!! ]


I found out that the previous web design was totally messed up by internet explorer... so I spent a couple of hours in putting up a new one: here it goes! [gently provided by Dripz ]


Uploaded a better version of the owl ontology ++ a javadoc style documentation


As the ontology is getting more stable (thanks to various discussions with the people at AIED-07, especially Riichiro Mizoguchi), I found the time to finalize a little side-project: a tabbed-version of the tractatus. The idea came when I was using the javascript tabs for my main project. It is well known that a good visualization can throw new insights into something.. this is not particularly complicated, but I think it might be of help in understanding the interelated structure of Wittgenstein's work!!


Uploaded a new version of the ontology, which has clearer documentation, both in ocml and owl. Specifically, for each class it is now explicitly mentioned whether it comes from CIDOC, AKT, DOLCE or it's an original PhiloSURFical class.


The paper about the PhiloSURFical ontology has been accepted at KCAP-07, The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture, held on 28-31 October 2007 in Whistler, BC, Canada.


PhiloSURFical has been invited to the The 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium , which will be held inKirchberg am Wechsel, Lower Austria, Sunday, 5 August 2007 - Saturday, 11 August 2007. The main theme of the conference, this year, is the Philosophy of the Information Society.


A paper about some modeling issues related to the philosophical domain has been accepted at the SWEL-07 workshop, co-located with the Artifical Intelligence in Education conference in Marina del Rey, California!


Uploaded a new version of the ontology, both in OWL (with the taxonomy + properties + comments on the classes) and OCML (a few minor changes)


Uploaded an OWL version of the ontology, which is *very basic*, mostly the taxonomy, but gives the idea of what I'm talking about :-)


A new and shiny website for philosurfical is now up and running! After hiding for two weeks to complete a paper about the modelling patterns used in the ontology, I can get back to the real work: finishing implementing the tool! Soon all the sections will be available to browse....